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Best 80s workout Songs

80s-workout-playlist-585Can you believe the FBGs have never, not once, dished on their favorite 80s workout music? The years we were all born? I know! I was shocked, too. I obviously had to rectify the situation. There’s just something FBG-tastic about 80s music. I envision Sarah Jessica Parker in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or Jane Fonda in her naughty minx workout gear. Lots of leotards and movement…some Richard Simmons and neon sweat bands. You see why this was a mandatory post?

Exercise was the new hotness in the 80s. Everyone was slipping on the leg warmers and heading to aerobics classes. I love most everything from that decade! (I could have done without the big bangs glued up with hairspray though.) And that love includes the music. The question isn’t what tunes to choose, but what music to edit out. I could geek on and on about all that totally awesome 80s workout music! I need neon. I need to get physical with Olivia Newton John. I need the 80s!

Prince is everyone’s 80s boo. He was and still is the king of inspirational songs that make you wanna do things…like work out. Warm up with this one to get your 80s workout music started!

Just pretend that “borderline” is the end of your workout and keep pushing yourself.

I love serenading my workouts. Whenever this bad boy comes on, I imagine I’m hungry for some bad-arse push-ups. I suggest you choose what your inner wolf wants to destroy. It’s visceral, but it works!

Remember how Brad was always working out in the beginning of The Goonies? It was like Cyndi and the director got together and made the connection so that one day the FBGs could have a solid reason for throwing in some nostalgic perfection.

This song belongs in the middle of your workout; right when you think you can’t go on. Blast this one and keep the faith that you, too, can have cute George Michael-like buns.

Did you ever watch Saber on ?! She rocked out this song and you can to.

This is the quintessential 80s song of enthusiasm. I promise your levels of excitement for working out will increase tenfold.

The 80s just wouldn’t be the 80s without Billy. He encourages you to say “yeah” and “yeah” some more as you work it out.

Before “Pump Up the Jam, ” there was “Move It to the Rhythm”—a song committed to telling you what to do and how to do it.

Oh the synthesizers, do behave! Are you noticing a trend in positive messages? You just can’t go wrong with approaching your daily workout with some gusto.

Loved this song at four years old; still love it at 30! Don’t know if you remember the awesome music video, but they’re running from the bad guys drawn by a pencil. Just imagine running with that hotty patotty guy by your side. Cute incentives definitely help keep you moving.

If you need a positive message to motivate you during an endurance workout, possibly a really long run, then Lionel is your man.

I had to save the best for last. I LOVED me some Deniece Williams as a kid. This song’s full of yummy energy that’s bound to get you to kick up the speed.

This song’s beat is great for an uplifting cool down. I personally like to shake my head like Whitney did in that glorious video for a bit. (Oh, how we miss Whitney!) Stretch it out and feel good.

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