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Best Mass-Building Workout

  • When working with heavy weights on certain exercises it is important you have a spotter. You are your best judge here, if you feel uncomfortable working with a certain weight in a particular exercise on your own, get yourself a spotter.
  • Keep track of your progress. This means keeping a log of all your workouts and your diet (optional) so you can keep improving, as well as taking measurements and/or pictures so you can compare before/after changes, to see if you are making progress in your body composition. Here is some more information on how you can track your progress: .
  • Be prepared for your workouts. Don't be in a last minute rush to organize what you need to take to the gym, have everything packed in advance so you don't need to worry and can prepare mentally for your workout, i.e. get yourself 'psyched up'. You'd be surprised how much your frame of mind can affect your workout.
  • Once you finish the 6 months of training, you can either try a new routine, or start at the beginning again from my training plan.

Enjoy your workouts and your new muscle gains,

2nd Place - Squats
A Mass Building Workout For Beginners

When starting out being a skinny bodybuilder is a good base to start off on. The main focus of a skinny beginner is to always get bigger and gradually add mass to his frame.

One of the best ways to stimulate growth is to train with a serious mindset of what he/she is doing. One of the best basic workouts for building mass would be to start lifting heavy with low/moderate rep ranges using a lot of compound movements and little single joint (isolation) exercises.

Why Do You Get Bigger From Lifting Heavier?

One of the common myth's I hear a lot is lifting heavy will not do much for size, well this is true and false. People who train sh*t heavy for 3 lifts may not be as big as some bodybuilders. But some are, a lot of them eat a lot and lift heavy 24/7 and most have good genetics.

I see plenty of guys who do this. They diet down and enter bodybuilding shows and just crush their competitors. Rep ranges usually would be around 4-8 reps per set (aside from warm-up sets). Lifting more weights will tear the muscle fibers (what you want) instead of doing less weight and tearing less fibers.

Now to make sure growth will occur you have to have proper nutrition to fully recover the torn muscle to grow and get bigger and stronger than ever before. This is the #1 reason why nutrition is important with a solid workout to grow bigger in the beginning.

What Split Should You Use?

There are plenty of different ways to split your workouts and muscle groups in the week. Many people do basic 3-day splits (which is 3 workouts to work the entire body). Many like to do 6-day splits and working 1-2 muscles each workout. Many of these work well but don't for many people.

Recovery issues come into play when figuring the right training split. Many with good recovery time would use more workouts to work the muscles instead of less workouts to work the same muscles.

Many like to workout each body part twice a week (which should be used in advanced training later on) which I don't recommend for beginning.

Muscle Groups

  • Here is a list of muscle groups that you will want to work each workout day.
    • Chest
    • Back (thickness, width)
    • Thighs (hamstrings, quadriceps)
    • Biceps
    • Triceps
    • Deltoids
    • Abdominals
    • Forearms
    • Calves
    Chest Exercises:
    • Many bodybuilders don't like this exercise due to how much they feel it doesn't work the chest. This is a compound exercise that works the chest, triceps, and anterior deltoids.

      I have felt a beginner should always start with the basics. I used this exercise when I began and I had pretty good results with it. So I always add it because of personal experiences, but if someone feels they're not growing enough from it, I would switch it to dumbbells instead.

    • This exercise stresses more of the upper pectorals of the chest. It is a good exercise to use in your training program and should always be used to your advantage.

      Another good thing to use with this is dumbbells. Use them every now and then if you need to. Dumbbells will help you get a better range of motion (ROM), which are very useful in training.

    • This is one of the exercises that has been lost in the past couple of years. No one seems to ever use it and that is one problem with today's average training. This is one of the greatest exercises to add more stress to the lower pectorals. Using dumbbells with the pecs is another option for variety and a better range of motion.
    • Another good exercise to add to your training is chest dips. This will really bring out your lower pectorals and making your chest look a lot fuller. Another good compound exercise to use every workout.
    • Although most people don't use this exercise much, I always suggest to beginners that they try them. It's a great exercise to pump up and tear the muscle fibers and is a good exercise to improve on.

    Back Exercises:


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